Hi, NumpyDL

NumpyDL is a simple deep learning library based on pure Python/Numpy. NumpyDL is a work in progress, input is welcome. The project is on GitHub.

The main features of NumpyDL are as follows:

  • Pure in Numpy and native to Python
  • Support basic automatic differentiation
  • Support commonly used models, such as MLP, RNNs, GRUs, LSTMs and CNNs
  • Perfect documents and easy to learn deep learning knowledge
  • Flexible network configurations and learning algorithms.
  • API like Keras deep learning library

The design of NumpyDL is governed by several principles:

  • Simplicity: Be easy to use, easy to understand and easy to extend, to facilitate use in research. Interfaces should be kept small, with as few classes and methods as possible. Every added abstraction and feature should be carefully scrutinized, to determine whether the added complexity is justified.
  • Transparency: Native to Numpy, directly process and return Python/Numpy data types. Do not rely on the functionality of Theano, Tensorflow or any such deep learning frameworks.
  • Modularity: Allow all parts (layers, regularizers, optimizers, ...) to be used independently of NumpyDL. Make it easy to use components in isolation or in conjunction with other frameworks.
  • Focus: “Do one thing and do it well”. Do not try to provide a library for everything to do with deep learning.

User Guides

The NumpyDL user guide explains how to install NumpyDL, how to build and train neural networks using NumpyDL, and how to contribute to the library as a developer.


This part provides examples for building deep neural networks.

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